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(January - February 2019)

Resident designer


Facilitator + Documentary Photographer


Some material from our work-in-progress residency and new project, which we're calling for now: prozymin.


These photos were taken at Master Periklis' shed, who works with the craft of caning.


*Prozymin (or sourdough) = a small amount of dough, usually for bread, from a previous kneading which is left to ferment and serves to produce a new dough. In this context, we aim to produce a "new dough" by re-interpreting traditional handicrafts in what we’ll discover with you all over the next 7 weeks.


In the spirit of embracing local culture, heritage and DIY making practises, we want to engage with existing communities of making, learn elements of their craft making practises and move on to experiment, reinterpret and re-integrate related works in other contexts.


You can follow our updates on instagram at #xarkisprozymin and @xarkis_.


This residency will be with myself, Valentin Musteata, Chris Kapetakis and with mentor Eva Korae, kindly sheltered Makerspace Larnaca, as well as rural and urban areas in Cyprus, xarkis style




Day 1. We were introduced to the traditional «ψαθαρκά», pronounced "psatharka" in English; A weaving craft which is mainly used in folk architecture of traditional Cypriot homes, on the interior side of roofs.


Note: Mr Perikles informed us that there are now three craftspeople left in Livadia village who are still practising this craft. He expressed his concern that once they are gone, the craft making technique will be lost.


Day 2. Learning how to weave with bamboo canes to make “ψαθαρκά”.


Note: For now we’re taking baby steps and the feeling is grand; Mr Perikles and Mrs Chrystoulla were open and let us inside their home. The couple shared with us the craft of shedding, splitting, weaving bamboo canes and more. It is a privilege to have access to this.

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