I am a designer, researcher and educator and my practice sits at the junction of social and communication design.


I design and co-design, curate, facilitate and coordinate arts festivals, non-formal education programs, workshops, exhibitions and communication design initiatives.


My practice encourages defamiliarization and play processes which foster a generative process, whereby participants and protagonists are called to deconstruct their everyday practice and relationships with rituals, objects and people in their communities, by using vernacular technological tools such as stabilisers, mobile phones, recorders and cameras in ways they have not done before.

Weaving autobiographical observations and participatory observations, I employ community-based approaches in my interactions and exchanges with participants, which involve capturing elements of vernacular material culture and day-to-day habits.


I have a history of working in the public arts sector, in higher education industry and in the NGO field for over seven years. 


I began my training during MA in Communication design at Central Saint Martins (2012-2014). There I focused on the conceptualization and realization of “Xarkis Festival” which is now an international, nomadic arts Festival roaming mountainous villages of Cyprus. Since 2013 I became the founder and creative director of Xarkis NGO. You can click here to read more about the NGO.


Current ongoing projects include the award winning Xarkis Festival and “Xarkis Residency program”, (Creative Europe, 2019), the award winning, EU funded social entrepreneurship initiative and crowd sourced oral history library called “Voicing Stories”, a UNESCO funded documentary with high-school students trained to collect craft stories in a non-formal education program, “MASA potluck”, and participatory design workshops.


In the context of academia I have received an AHRC Techne studentship for my ongoing practice-based research degree (Doctor of Philosophy - PhD) at Central Saint Martins, which employs a co-design methodology within the contexts of intangible cultural heritage preservation and community resilience.


In parallel, I work as an Associate Lecturer at Central Saint Martins.


For collaborations / commissions : get in touch at